weekend re-wind.

We had a much needed, low-key weekend.

I don’t know about you guys, but for us, the past few months have been go-go-go, and it was starting to catch up with both of us.

Friday night when I came home from work, I was completely exhausted. For the past 3 weeks, we have literally had something to go to or do, every-single-night, so I was ready to plop down on the couch and relax for the night. I watched Project Runway, ate sweet potato fries, and went to bed early. Ahhh, sometimes it’s the little things…like going to bed early, that really revitalize you.

was date day. Woohoo.

We got dressed up and decided to go to Des Moines for lunch.
Even though we had rain forecasted, that didn’t stop me from wearing some fun spring clothes. I have been dying to wear something other than boots, jeans, sweaters and jackets. The weekend prior, Chris and I swapped out our Winter clothing for Spring clothing and did some serious closet cleaning. By serious cleaning I mean, four bags of clothes to Salvation Army and 5 tubs of winter clothing neatly folded into plastic bins, leaving our closet filled with bright, cheerful patterns and lots of color.

(mary janes-urban outfitters, leggings-target, white tee-target, dress-forever 21, cardigan-thrifted)

Even Chris was ready for some Spring color. Look how cute he looks in his powder blue and yellow.

My new hair cut even cooperated with me.

We didn’t do much of anything. We slept in, took a nap, watched a documentary about Mullets (yes, I said Mullets…hahahaha), watched some basketball, got our reading nook together (pictures to come), and read. It was a perfect low-key day.

Oh and we finally taught Bolt how to sit. Such a cute little guy, who will do anything we ask for food.

This week, we have lots of little projects on the schedule, which is good since Chris has Spring Break. My parents are arriving Sunday (YAY), so hopefully we can get our projects done before then? But we will see?

How was your weekend? Any fun stories? Did you remember to Spring Forward?

PS. Thank you guys for all of the nice comments and emails you have been sending lately. I wanted to start this blog to keep track of our life, share some recipes, and keep in touch with friends/family. But, it has blossomed into much more than that. So thank you all!

Happy Monday.


  1. 1. i haven't had a chance to comment on your blog in for-eh-ver! sorry :(.

    2. your haircut is freaking adorable!

    3. love the spring clothes. you guys are cute!

    4. love that your dog is named bolt.

    5. glad you had a lovely weekend and got some rest...always a good thing.

    happy monday!


  2. Okay, first off, I may have seen that documentary about mullets. It could be different, but I doubt there are many made about a hair style! Did it have a guy who said, "Jesus had a mullet" because that's the one I watched and I still crack up about that quote!

    Second, your outfit is super cute and I've been wearing my spring clothes, too! We had several really nice days, but the last 4 days have been cloudy and rainy. I still wear my spring clothes, even if I'm going to be cold, because I'm sick of winter clothes!

  3. Oooh I love that outfit. Lucky you bringing out the spring wardrobe!
    And I love little Bolt, he is gorgeous but I think I may have said that before :D

  4. Cute outfit! I love spring colors, I can't wait until I can wear dresses/skirts w/o leggings again. Bolt looks so cute as well, gosh I just love dogs.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I'm glad to have come across you too. :D

  5. I love relaxed weekends! and need to do some spring cleaning soon, I might wait for when my mum comes in Easter, her helps is always amazing! I cant throw things and she definitely can!

  6. I love date days! and you look so cute in that outfit and that new haircut!


  7. You are too cute...love the hair and the outfit and your blog is wonderful!