bookmark valentines

it's a valentine. it's a bookmark. it's easy...

all you need for supplies are:
card stock, scissors, and glue

cut two hearts to size (one small and one large) then glue them together. when you glue the hearts together, only glue the top of the small heart, so you will have a flap to put over the pages in your book.

and that's it. you heard me, that's it. it's that easy!

you could make a bunch for your kiddo's school valentine's and not waste your entire weekend. or if you don't have kids, you can make one for yourself to enjoy....like me.

to customize them a bit more, you could punch a hole in the top and tie a ribbon to it. glue on some lace, buttons or write sweet things to your valentine...whatever your little hearts desire.

i made the blue and gray one for chris (more manly...even for a heart) and the pink one is for me.

happy crafting ladies.

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  1. Aah, nice one dear. I am so making one over the weekend! So easy, but so pretty! Thanks!


  2. Yay, i am so happy you are going to make on for yourself. I am always losing bookmarks, but this one is easy to replace

  3. so stinking cute!

    you make me want to actually go read a book....instead of the people magazine that i've currently been perusing.